Arctic Circle Dive Centre in Brief

  • The Arctic Circle Dive Centre is part of the group of companies RuDIVE , the largest Russian operator in the diving industry.
    Instructors with many years’ experience of diving in the North
    A large stock of equipment and accessories
    A mobile ice camp with warm wooden huts and snug common room for rest and meal.
    Modern powerboats
    5 warm wooden guesthouses by the sea
  • 9 rooms comfort (with a shower and toilet);
    2 economy rooms ( with a toilet and a washbasin sharing for 2 rooms)
    TRIPL, DBL and SGL room-sharing options.
    The diving lounge in one of the guesthouses
    Satellite telephone, internet excess.
    Exquisite Russian and international cuisine: a buffet breakfast, a three-course meal at a base or packed lunch on excursions, a dinner.
    A Russian steam bath with a real wood-burning stove opened daily.



ARCTIC CIRCLE Dive Centre offers its ice diving programme every year from February to April.
Diving is performed with safety ropes according to PADI standards using experienced instructors and dive guides, and includes 2 dives per day and diver transport to diving sites by snowmobile.

A mobile diving camp is set up on diving sites. Wooden cabins on sledges provide shelter for changing, for drying of equipment and include a common room module for lunch and socializing. A heated wooden shelter is placed just over the ice-hole (maina) for those who prefer a heated space between dives.

Instruction in basic Arctic survival will be a part of the programme in order to show divers how to read the ice and establish a safe diving environment, including how to deal with frostbite and the potential hazards of Hypothermia.


PADI Ice-diving course will have 2 days and will be conducted at the same diving sites. The course will provide detailed instruction in:

- Ice diving techniques;
- How to tender a line
- Securing ice screws / anchors, as well as placing shore protection to tender a line
- Safety procedures and ice diving protocols / Produce a safety and emergency plan


Dry suit (neoprene dry suits are highly recommended)

Heavy dry suit undergarment (highly recommended to have two).

Two unfreezing regulators arranged as following: first stage number 1 with primary second stage, BCD inflation hose and SPG, first stage number 2 with secondary second stage (octopus), dry suit inflation hose and SPG. The regulators must be serviced just before the trip.

BCD (preferably with integrated weight system)

Mask, fins.

Gloves (highly recommended 3-finger mitts or dry gloves w/rings).

Diving computer

Powerful torch, preferably rechargeable.

A full range of diving equipment is available to hire at all times and it is advisable to reserve hire equipment before your visit to the AC Dive Centre. BUT we highly recommend having your own equipment, which is double-checked and tested before the trip.



Warm underwear (two-layer or made of polartec) and 5 pairs of warm socks.
Warm sweater.
Warm waterproof shoes.
Warm anorak for cold weather (-30).
Warm cap covering the ears.
Sunglasses with a UV filter to protect the eyes in sunny days.
Lip care stick and cream to protect hands and face against cold and wind.

*Arctic thermal coats are available to hire upon request


Please be advised that it is your responsibility to have a valid passport and Russian entry visa. Arctic Circle PADI Dive Centre will provide you with a Russian entry voucher after your booking, on your request.

Russian visa application requirements:

(a) Completed application form;
(b) 3 recent identical passport-size photos with applicant's name written clearly on the reverse.
(c) Valid passport.
(d) A voucher (provided by Arctic Circle) issued by an authorized travel company stating the reference number, passenger names, dates of entry and exit, itinerary and means of transportation.
(e) Return air ticket (copy acceptable).
(f) Fee (payable in cash or by postal order).
(g) Postal applications must be accompanied by a large, stamped, self-addressed envelope.


You have to book your own connecting flights into and out of Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kuusamo via Helsinki, depending on the way you choose. Please contact your travel agent for international flight reservations, and inform us of your arrival date, time and flight number so that we can book hotel and airport transfers for you. If you prefer to stay longer in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kuusamo we will be glad to book accommodation and arrange a special programme for you. This could include, for example, city sightseeing, theatre visits, etc.


Going by train from Moscow:

An exciting part of the programme is a 27-hours 36 min railway journey in a comfortable wagon-lit from Moscow to the Arctic station Chupa. During the 1,673-kilometer trip you will watch the nature of Middle Russia gradually give place to the Russian North. The train departs from Moscow Leningradskiy railways station every day at 00:30AM, and arrives to Chupa at 4:30 AM next day. Then you will have a two-hour transfer by car from Chupa station to the AC Dive Centre, arriving around 7:00 AM.

Recommended trains:

MOSCOW OCT – CHUPA 016 - Departure at 00:30 , Arrival at 4:06 27 hours 36 min journey
CHUPA - MOSCOW OCT 015 - Departure at 03:00 a.m Arrival 6:54 a.m.

* The schedule can be changed depending on carrier.

Russian Railways offers sleeping cars with 1st class (2 berth) and 2nd class (4 berth) compartments.


Going by plane from Moscow:

If you prefer to fly - you will have to take a flight from Moscow airport Sheremetyevo, terminal-1, at 19:50 PM. Arriving to Murmansk – 22:00 PM. Upon your arrival our representative will meet you and you will have a 5-hours car transfer by car from Murmansk airport to the Arctic Circle Dive Centre, arriving around 4:00 AM.

Recommended flights:

Aeroflot Flight 617 Moscow – Murmansk Departure at 19:50 p.m. Arrival at 22:00 p.m. 2 hours 10 min journey
Aeroflot Flight 618 Murmansk — Moscow Departure at 08:00 a.m Arrival at 10:35

* The schedule can be changed depending on carrier.


Going by train from St. Petersburg:

The night train St-Petersburg–Murmansk departs daily from Ladojskiy Railway Station at 8:59am and arrives to Chupa station at 4:06am the following day. (Total travel time: 19 hrs.) A two-hour car transfer will deliver you to the AC Dive Centre. A train journey to the diving site is an adventure in itself.

Recommended trains:

ST PETERSBURG OCT – CHUPA 016 - Departure at 8:59a.m. , Arrival at 4:06 around 19 hours journey
CHUPA - ST PETERSBURG OCT 015 - Departure at 03:00 a.m Arrival 10p.m.

* The schedule can be changed depending on carrier.
Russian Railways offers sleeping cars with 1st class (2 berth) and 2nd class (4 berth) compartments.



You have to book your international connecting flights to Kuusamo via Helsinki and inform us of your arrival date, time and flight number.
Our representative will meet you at the Kuusamo airport upon your arrival and you will have a 7 hours transfer to the Arctic Circle Dive Centre through the Finish – Russian border Sala.


The check-in time - 6 a.m
The check-out time - 23 p.m

The check- in and check-out time can be changed according to your transport schedule upon your advanced request and there is no extra payment for early check- in or late-check-out.


All scuba equipment must be carried within the weight allowance of the airline. The free baggage allowance is 30 kg in business class and 20 kg in economy class in the Aeroflot airlines. In addition to the above free baggage allowance, each passenger may carry in the aircraft cabin a baggage of 5 kg of the following articles free of charge: a lady's bag/man’s case or a paper folder, overcoat, blanket, umbrella or walking stick, photographic camera, a portable PC, reasonable amount of reading material for the flight, infant's carrying basket and fully collapsible invalid's wheelchair and/or any medical aid on which the passenger is dependent. Carriage of excess baggage is on payment of appropriate fee around GBP 2,5 per kilo.


Contact our expert consultant either by e-mail: or by telephone (International 0845 0099088 ), adding any additional components which you have selected.
Once you have decided on your holiday we will return your confirmation as quickly as possible and the preliminary invoice will be send to you. A GBP 100 nonrefundable deposit is required for the reservation.


Log on to our web-site for more details and useful information for your trip arrangements.